LowPro: "Low Profile" means exactly that

Posted on October 11 2019

LowPro: "Low Profile" means exactly that

"LowPro" means exactly that. Low profile. Semi-permissive, non-permissive, or whatever environment, if you genuinely need to be working low profile then you need kit that isn't just putting a marketing buzzword/term into the title. 

Many companies and training organizations toss around the term "lowpro", "low vis", covert, and other such terms. This is typically meant to indicate a situation where a law enforcement officer, contractor, etc. are attempting to blend into the local surroundings (militarily this is often referred to as being "in mufti"). 

Some of them get it right, some don't. Sometimes it's not the equipment that gives someone away but their demeanor. A predator usually recognizes another predator, hence the often over-used phrase, be the gray man

Be the gray man - blend in with the crowd

Urban Dictionary defines lowpro as follows:

To conduct affairs with a low profile, generally to be noticed.

1. Let's keep it lowpro.

2. We can pull this off if we keep it lowpro.

3. I like to travel lowpro.


Devcore can't do a whole lot to help your tradecraft or hone your ability for dissembling. We can help you with truly low profile gear, however. And by that, we don't mean taking something obviously built for an operational environment and changing the colors around a little bit.

If you have a genuine operational need to be low profile, then it doesn't matter whether you're working in a permissive, semi-permissive, or non-permissive environment. Either it's "covert" or it's not; what changes is usually the consequence you risk if you're compromised, not the need for good equipment (and the skill to use it).  

Thank you for trusting Devcore Gear

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